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Hi, my name is Randy Hill and I am just one of thousands of people around the world, tired and frustrated with the lack of consideration that is displayed by a growing "demographic" that I call, "the great unwashed and ill-mannered." People who can't seem to get outside their little world long enough to see the stress that they create on the rest of the population.

I've created this blog and online store as an outlet for this pent-up frustration...and also to have a little devious fun while I'm at it!

Have fun and keep it down while you're in here. Thanks.

[When Randy isn't whining about noisy and rude people, he dreams up designs in his studio at Hill Design Studios. A native Texan, Randy resides in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with his wife Dawn and four cats]

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Valentine’s Day No-No’s

By Randy | February 13, 2008

I took an unofficial and totally unscientific poll on a forum I belong to today. In the poll I asked everyone to list some Valentine’s Day no-no’s that might spring to mind. Here’s a sampling for your education and entertainment- first from the men:

“Take great care in choosing the size of any … garments … that you buy.”

“Don’t reuse an old mix tape/CD you made for someone else, no matter how awesome the songs are.”

“Don’t rent “Waitress” because it’s not the off-beat romantic comedy you think it’s going to be.”

“If you want to give your significant other something they’ll think is “hilarious” make sure you also plan to give them something thoughtful.”

“And bear in mind that if you get something you think she would look sexy in, remember that she will likely view it as a gift for you rather than her…”

“No matter how much she insists you don’t have to buy her flowers, buy her flowers!

“DON’T necessarily buy hearts or pink things, anything that you see everywhere. DO realize that your woman is an individual, and that she will more appreciate something that is actually about her and her own tastes.”

“NEVAH EVAH buy her a piece of exercise equipment without prior notice. It has the opposite effect of buying chocolates.”

“Always buy two sizes smaller than you think or you think she thinks she is. She will enjoy the fact you thought she was that small. And probably enjoy taking it back and buying what she really wanted in the first place.”

And from the ladies:

“Don’t come home 2 hours late because you waited until the last minute to purchase something.”

“Don’t give her a stuffed rat and actually think she’s gonna love it.”

“Don’t neglect to buy her flowers just because somebody else got her some.”

“Don’t ask, ‘What should I get you for Valentine’s Day?'”

“If she says the most important thing to her is a card, don’t neglect to get her a card.”
Don’t tell her what you decided NOT to get.

“And… most importantly… DON’T FORGET THE CHOCOLATE!!!!”

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