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Hi, my name is Randy Hill and I am just one of thousands of people around the world, tired and frustrated with the lack of consideration that is displayed by a growing "demographic" that I call, "the great unwashed and ill-mannered." People who can't seem to get outside their little world long enough to see the stress that they create on the rest of the population.

I've created this blog and online store as an outlet for this pent-up frustration...and also to have a little devious fun while I'm at it!

Have fun and keep it down while you're in here. Thanks.

[When Randy isn't whining about noisy and rude people, he dreams up designs in his studio at Hill Design Studios. A native Texan, Randy resides in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with his wife Dawn and four cats]

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“This kind of self-absorbed, rude behavior really burns my arse. “

By Randy | April 11, 2008

Many thanks to our guest poster Kimburg for the following:

So, I’m at Peet’s this morning (as every morning) and it’s uber-crowded. There are two women ahead of me in line who are having a hardcore chatfest. Whatever. A delivery guy with a handtruck was trying to maneuver his way through and everyone in line steps aside to let him pass. EXCEPT for these two broads. Kinda rude, but whatever.

After they place their orders, they proceed to go over to the pickup window and block up that area. People are trying to get to the counter to pick up their coffees, and these chicks are just oblivious. Yak, yak, yak. Finally, the barrista asked them to step aside.

Then, they received their tea and proceeded to hog the condiment counter. One of them planted herself smack dab in the middle of the counter and took her sweet-@ss time, and not moving aside FOR ANYONE! People were literally flying all around her, trying to reach the half & half, throw things in the garbage, grab lids, etc. And there she stayed, engrossed in full-on conversation with her friend while S L O W L Y fixing her tea. I swear, she was there for a full FIVE minutes!!! Woman, exactly how much crap CAN you put in your tea??? And not budging for nothing. It was as if she were the only person there. Finally, she finished up, and blocked the main aisle to the door while she continued to gab with her friend. I watched all of this happen while sitting at a nearby table waiting for my latte. At one point, I almost got up to tell them exactly how thoughtless and rude they were. Unbelievable.

This kind of self-absorbed, rude behavior really burns my arse.

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