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Hi, my name is Randy Hill and I am just one of thousands of people around the world, tired and frustrated with the lack of consideration that is displayed by a growing "demographic" that I call, "the great unwashed and ill-mannered." People who can't seem to get outside their little world long enough to see the stress that they create on the rest of the population.

I've created this blog and online store as an outlet for this pent-up frustration...and also to have a little devious fun while I'm at it!

Have fun and keep it down while you're in here. Thanks.

[When Randy isn't whining about noisy and rude people, he dreams up designs in his studio at Hill Design Studios. A native Texan, Randy resides in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with his wife Dawn and four cats]

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The Top 5 Next Door Neighbor Sins

By Randy | May 19, 2008

I grew up on a farm back in the day. One of the advantages, among many, to living out in the country, is that you could pretty much be as loud as you wanted to be without disturbing the neighbors. In fact, one of my first garage-rock bands used to rehearse in our house on occasion. The only people we could potentially disturb were my mom and dad, and they would graciously vacate the premises during that time.

Now, with cookie-cutter houses jammed up against one another and leaving little room for oxygen, it’s easier than ever to really bug your next door neighbor.

So, for my official Monday morning rant, here are the top 5 sins you can commit as my neighbor (and you’ve done all of them – you know who you are!):

1) When enjoying your movie on your home surround-sound-super bass enhanced sound system, please, at the least, close your windows. And if your windows are rattling, you can pretty much assume mine are too, since mine are like, two feet away from yours. So, just turn it down a tad below supersonic range, O.K.?

2) I love animals; that’s why I have cats. Can you try to figure out how to keep your dogs from barking night and day? It’s driving me nuts. Not to mention my cats.

3) Please wait until 10 or 11 a.m. to mow your lawn on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Not only does it wake me up, it makes me feel guilty that I’m not out doing mine and I hate feeling guilty that early in the morning!

4) Don’t park in front of my house when you have room for two cars in your driveway. I have never understood why you do that.

5) Try to be a least a little considerate when you have a party in your backyard. Especially when you have a bunch of kids over too, and you’re drinking at a furious clip too. The two combined can create an ungodly amount of noise.

I post all of this at the risk of sounding like a whiny old man, but good grief! If we are going to be forced to live this close together, let’s just agree to try to be mindful of what we’re doing and how it can affect others.

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