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Hi, my name is Randy Hill and I am just one of thousands of people around the world, tired and frustrated with the lack of consideration that is displayed by a growing "demographic" that I call, "the great unwashed and ill-mannered." People who can't seem to get outside their little world long enough to see the stress that they create on the rest of the population.

I've created this blog and online store as an outlet for this pent-up frustration...and also to have a little devious fun while I'm at it!

Have fun and keep it down while you're in here. Thanks.

[When Randy isn't whining about noisy and rude people, he dreams up designs in his studio at Hill Design Studios. A native Texan, Randy resides in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest with his wife Dawn and four cats]

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What we’re about and why we’re here…

This site was created in response to the worldwide epidemic of bad manners that seems to be growing at an astonishing rate.

An ABC poll taken in 2006 found a large percentage of the population offended by rudeness, bad language and loud cell phone talking.

Once upon a time, people actually made an effort not to disturb other people around them. A person would go into a thing called a “phone booth” when they wanted to make a telephone call in public. Moviegoers kept talking down to a whisper during a movie and the only phone available was out in the lobby. In the oldest of days, theaters even had a “cry room” for infants and their mothers so as not to disturb everyone else.

Imagine being able to sit and read in a bookstore or have dinner at a nice restaurant without having to screen out the obnoxiously loud person on the other side of the room. You can’t? Well, welcome to the 21st century and welcome to this humble site.

We’d like to hear about your own encounter with some of the great unwashed and ill-mannered. You can leave a comment or email us a note. Please practice good manners and keep your comments clean.

While you’re here, visit the store, where you can purchase everything from tee shirts to buttons to aid you in your own passive-aggressive campaign against this not-so-quiet scourge on society.

Peace and Quiet,

-Randy Hill